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September 25, 2013
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Soldier by deilan12 Soldier by deilan12
I painted the girl I designed the other day =) and I painted a humvee too :D


I'm thinking about making "Pay what you want commissions" Think of it as requests with donations, you can ask for something, if I find it interesting I'll draw it, color it or whatever (just for the fun of it, I can experience new stuff this way) and then if you think it's worth it, you can donate =)

I'll give further details about that in the next days, I think it will be better for everyone, because you have a chance to get a commission for free, and I get to draw without the "client" pressure =)

Also, I will not allow people to tell me before hand if they're going to pay or anything, that way I don't have any anxiety and I just enjoy the drawing =)

I want to work like this til december, and see how it goes =)
if you think this is a bad/great idea, I'd love to hear about it, I need to know what you guys think :D

You can leave a comment in here (or just leave a comment below):…

(I hope this form thing works)

Oh, and I hope you like this picture!
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kovysev Sep 27, 2013
ok, now, who wrote a note about the NSFW blog to have less nsfw ?
Probably a dwm supporter , which  CANNOT  be good at all.
18+ blog , now with no 18+ because someone said so? 
Sorry , but seeing that last tumblr post about everything being removed for a new page? what the F?
Because 1 person asked for less not safe stuff where not safe stuff actually LIVE? Screwing up with all the hundreds of fans and the god damn artist himself???
I mean , you wrote it yourself : my tumblr WAS MADE for this…

i know there will be a new blog , but sorry , a simple ask would've been short on words. To see people annoying you with notes about fucked up logic , about an artist that JUST started DONATION REQUESTS? You start your most generous move and people starts giving you orders? That doesn't make sense? Geez , you gotta change fans! Just fuck them/him. It was a dick move from him , and it sucks that you approved such a dumb request.....heh , should make him pay to change your blog.
Yes...YOUR blog.

Thanks for reading my opinion

- a guy who cannot stand those who fight AGAINST nsfw.
Lack of detail on the rifle, but this is practically your best piece so far! :D

Also, love the idea for paying what you want to for commissions! I hope it works out for you, heck, maybe I'll even commission you if I have something I want. xD
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